5. How would you describe your photography style?

I always look for candid photo journalistic moments of people laughing, smiling, talking, dancing. Also I will organise bridal, groom and family portraits if this is required. I like to capture a wide range and endeavour to make sure no-one is missed from photos.

I also arrange and organise large group photos and will confidently direct people on the day to make sure large group photos are taken for those willing to be included.

Please kindly note, it is the moment that trumps everything. This is not a studio shoot where I am in complete control of the moment, environment or lighting with practice shots to perfect the photo.  Weddings are about the environment which you have chosen and the spontaneous fun and laughter which happens at weddings.  You can never predict where or when this will happen and the number one priority is to capture that moment.

I work extremely hard to position myself to keep nice clean backgrounds but, to prioritise the moment, this is not always possible. There is no quicker way to kill the moment by stopping it to move it to a more favourable location. This is important to understand.

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