Wedding Packages

Choose from Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum

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My style is very much on the candid photojournalistic style leaning heavily towards towards my 30 mil lens to ensure every smile and tear drop is captured in full detail.

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There is an affordable Package for every couple:


Dependant on your budget or that you just might want certain parts of your wedding professionally photographed there is a package to suit everyone.  Please don’t think that competitive pricing means reduced quality or service.  On the contrary, I use the latest cameras and lens and have over 40 years of experience photographing weddings, key important events and military training.   I just love taking photos.


I believe that every bridal couple should have a  choice and be able to afford professional photos for what is one of the most important days of their life without losing quality or service.  I bring that.  As well as the latest camera bodies and lens, I only shoot in RAW ensuring when I Post edit in ADOBE Light Room and where required Photoshop to ensure I deliver the best digital photos possible.



Finally.   Your print quality, watermark free, high quality digital images are then up loaded to a secure on-line Password Protected gallery and they are completely free to share and download.  I do not add any markup to my prints for either yourself or any persons you share with.  I will even provide you with all your print quality images in your gallery on a personalised USB stick as an additional keepsake and backup.

Bronze £250


If you just wish to have all the important high quality professional photos of just your ceremony then this could just be the package for you.  This key, affordable package usually provides for 2 hours of professional photography.  This will provide for all arrival photos both photo journalistic and formals of all your invited guests, family, groom and his best man and the all important bride and bridesmaids.


Additionally, I will cover the full ceremony from all permitted angles including where possible, the exchanging of the rings, vows, 1st kiss as newly weds and the signing of the register.


Finally, after ceremony photos will include formals and photo journalistic of the entire wedding party.  Where requested, I will even organise and provide stunning photos of any confetti or bouquet throwing moments.
Wedding Photographer North Yorkshire

Silver £350


If you wish you can upgrade to the Silver Package.  This provides the full ceremony (Bronze) package including full photographic coverage of the Wedding Breakfast.


This package provides for up to 4 hours of professional photography and will include the cake cutting, full details of your table decorations and the speeches.  Included within this package will be any further required formal photos the bridal couple may require as well as further candid and photo journalistic moments to capture forever those often unseen but important key moments of the day.

Gold £550


If you wish you can upgrade to the Gold Package.  This provides the full silver package with added professional full photographic coverage of the 1st Dance and evening enjoyment.


This package provides for 6 to 8 hours professional photography and will add to your silver package the 1st dance as well as including your evening guests and the usually hugely entertaining “No Dad” dance fever with disco lights and strobes.  If you have any fireworks planned or sparkers then be sure to let me know so I can ensure these unforgettable moments are also covered.


Wedding Photographer North Yorkshire

Platinum £675


If you wish you can upgrade to the full Platinum Package.  This provides the full Gold package including full photographic coverage of the bridal and where geographically possible the grooms preparations.


This package provides for up to 10 hours of professional photography of your full wedding day.  As well as the full Gold package this includes full bridal and bridesmaids preparations.  This includes all your professional makeup, hair as well as your dress, shoes, flowers, perfume and champagne breakfast with your bridesmaids.  If you and the groom are in close proximity and timing permits I will even include all the groom details and best man.


Finally, the Platinum package comes with a free 1 hour engagement shoot.  This really is the best package, hugely competitively priced and provides for the key moments of your day for you to look at again and again.  Wedding Photography has never been more affordable and you don’t have to pay thousands to get stunning digital images of your wedding.

Whatever your wedding Photographic needs are I am ready to deliver.  You have absolutely nothing to lose by asking.  You only intend to marry once and bridal couples biggest regrets is not having professional photographs of their wedding.  Please don’t think a well intentioned friend of family member using a bridge camera or IPhone can achieve the same quality and professionalism as a skilled wedding photographer with years of experience shooting in all weathers and lighting conditions at all times of the year.  Camera phones only provide small compressed images which provide little editing opportunity and despite their technological advances they can never compete with a full frame camera.


Have no regrets and take no risks and don’t lose a friend who fails to deliver the quality you deserve and expect.