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Wensleydale Railway Polar Express



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North Yorkshire, Wensleydale Polar Express



Hope aboard for the Wensleydale Railway Polar Express and if you missed out make sure you have tickets to the biggest Steam Railway Xmas Experience in North Yorkshire, the Polar Express for 2023.



It is fantastic and I loved being asked to photograph and capture this spectacular event. The Polar Express sells out every year and there is little doubt in my mind that it could sell out 3 times over if they could run enough trains. Families in matching PJs and dressing gowns, children’s beaming faces, their lips covered in warm delicious hot chocolate, cookie crumbles all over their clothing and their eyes wide with amazement as Santa and his little helper presents them with their silver bell.   Really sets them up for Xmas and can make believers out of any entrenched non-believer.

The energy from the characters is just infectious, from the hobo’s low menacing tones to the singing waiters and train conductor spelling “I believe” with his ticket punch over your golden ticket. Everyone contributes and it is truly brilliant.  Never mind the children, I felt like one myself and its on events like this when you just love your job and no matter where you turn there is something to capture. The toughest part of any photographers job is trying to anticipate and ensure you are in the right place at the right time.  With the Wensleydale Polar Express, that is so easy because their are moments everywhere and its selecting which photos to show from the hundreds that you capture which is the hardest part..
So the next time the Wensleydale Railway Polar Express clangs its bell and beckons you to claim aboard, don’t be left standing at the station as the train disappears in a cloud of smoke.  Climb aboard, grab your seat and be prepared to Believe.  Just Magic.