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Wedding Photography Westfield Farm

I just love an outside wedding and being the chosen photographer to provide Wedding Photography West Field Farm when the sun is shining, everyone is outside enjoying themselves and you can freely get the drone up to provide photos from near and far, low and high. Really extends the coverage when you throw in straw bales and ploughed fields.  Westfield Farm  is a great choice for couples looking for a rural location with great on-site facilities and an location for those favouring an outdoor wedding with fantastic locations for outside wedding photography.  With my Wedding Packages prices starting at just £350 there is an affordable package for everyone wether its just part or full coverage or just the digitals or an including prestige album I am sure to have a package that meets your needs.
I just love taking photos and I don’t hold back.  I am not a photographer that says I will provide a fixed amount because every wedding is different. Some couples its about quantity, others its about quality. I think I speak for every dedicated wedding photographer that just loves a happy boisterous wedding where there are photo opportunities everywhere and you don’t know what to photograph next. Such was the wedding of Charlotte and Andrew.



Charlotte and Andrew Wedding Photography Westfield Farm.

Part of your job is not only to constantly be looking for the best light, avoid glaring sun and organising the groups but it’s also about anticipating moments. Holding that camera to your eye for what seems an eternity and trying to be in the best position possible to that capture warm embrace, soft kiss or loving look. It’s one of the few occasions where you think your arm is about to drop off and you curse that just as soon as you lower the camera thinking it’s never going to happen that it happens. A photographers nightmare. Yes, you always remember the moments you capture, but kick yourself over the moments you miss. We just never give up though and think, next time.