About This Project

Wedding Paul and Shiela where the chosen Wedding Photography Northallerton to capture the day when Paul and Sheila renewed their wedding vows watched on by their family and friends.  Paul has a great sense of humour and they both clearly have young hearts and they couldn’t help but smile through the whole ceremony.  Sheila looked stunning as she arrived at the ceremony traditionally late with her sisters acting as her bridesmaids.  Here long beautiful white dress complemented Paul’s choice of grey suit, pink shirt with matching button hole and Sheila’s small but delicate machine wrist flower band.


As the high sun shone brightly through the windows Sheila was escorted in passed the watching guests by her eldest son, pride clearly written all over his face to where Paul was waiting with from Wedding Photography Northallerton capturing the moment.  There was full attention to detail with their words which they shared humorous but clearly heartfelt printed beautifully onto card bound together with pink ribbon and hearts in the corner.  After the ceremony, as a further sign of sharing their lives and possessions, Paul then mixed small bottles of red and white wine into a specially prepared decanter and as invited guests looked on both drank the mixed wine.


As the invited guests left Paul and Sheila were there to bask in their freely given warmth and congratulations and it was clear to see how loved this couple are.  Before everyone sat down for the celebration meal the opportunity was taken to step outside onto the golf course for celebration photographs.  It was an ideal location to mix traditional camera photos with drone photos encouraged by Paul’s fellow golfers joining in with good comments and humour.  Paul couldn’t resist getting his beloved Lambretta Scooter in on the photos as he recounted his days at being a Mod.


A beautiful day for a beautiful couple and I’m thrilled that providing Wedding Photography Northallerton were chosen to capture the day.


Congratulations Paul and Sheila.