About This Project

Wedding of Adam and Charlotte had the absolute pleasure of being the chosen photographer for the wedding of Adam and Charlotte at the Secret Garden in July 2021.  An absolute “Gem” of location with large beautifully planted gardens, ornamental features and hidden locations to explore and enjoy.  With a large children’s play area to keep them entertained,  there is a large marquee cover if the weather is inclement, beautifully well thought out patio and bar seating areas with long sweeping hedge lines offering cut-through tunnels to encourage exploration to peek through and see what is on the other side.  With copious seating areas, bubbling water fountains, planted archways and gazeboes it made it a perfect bridal couples wedding choice.  Not often I write this but also as a wedding photographer you could photograph in there all day and still not exhaust the many opportunities its provides.


Charlotte looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress as she was led from the house by her proud Grandad, down through the paved planted flowered gardens and past her specially invited family and guests and into the beautiful natural lit glass conservatory extension where Adam waited for her.  It offered everything, the natural light an open air location provides from an open air venue with the benefit of cover from the attached marquee if the weather was inclement.  Family and friends had the perfect viewing area to watch as Adam and Charlotte became husband and wife.


Review by Adam and Charlotte:


Thank you so much for being at our wedding.  We are so pleased we chose you to be our photographer.  Your work is great and we will forever treasure these moments you have captured for us.  Thank you always, Adam and Charlotte.


I am particularly pleased to say that not only were they ecstatic to be married but clearly they were also thrilled that was there to capture their special day.