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Wedding Andy and Emily



Crayke Manor was the perfect setting that Andy and Emily chose to have their wedding on the 24th May 2021 and a professional wedding photographer covering the North Yorkshire area to especially chosen as the photographer to capture their special day.


Crayke Manor is An original Jacobean manor built in 1620 with stone mullion windows, thick oak beams and yorkstone flags. Lovingly restored as a family home, where tradition meets mod cons from Chalon Kitchen to Linn room-to-room surround sound.  It was a stunning location and it turned out to the perfect sunny day with beautiful weather and a warm sun which allowed for an outside wedding all bathed in natural warm light.


All the guests and family, but non-more-so than the groom were completely stunned and mesmerised as Emily, in her beautiful white elegant long dress with a beautiful silver broach, led by her gorgeous bridesmaids walked elegantly up the yorkstone flags to marry Andy.  Everyone just looked on in utter amazement and the setting and moment could not have been better.  There were natural smiles everywhere and It was a perfect day for a perfect couple.


Emily and Andy desired that the day be shot completely candidly which makes it particularly difficult to anticipate and capture those magical moments.  If I was worried, I needn’t have been, they were so relaxed amongst their wedding guests that I was showered in magical moments everywhere. It truly was a fairytale moment.  From children bouncing on the trampoline, blowing bubbles and playing hide and seek in the woods to guests eating beautiful canopays whilst drinking bubbling cool champagne on the lush green lawns.  There where photo locations and opportunities everywhere and I really did not know where to point my camera or fly my drone next.


It really was spectacular wedding and an absolute pleasure to photograph.  The sumptuous wedding breakfast with yet more more champagne was followed by lively music and dancing to the small hours.  The weather and isolated location allowed the wedding party to relax whilst the children played and naturally tired themselves out.


it was a thrill to be their photographer and   wishes them the very best as they go forward together as husband and wife